EvilGnome – Linux malware aimed at your laptop, not your servers

Some of our readers asked us this week, “What do you guys think of EvilGnome?”

#ICYMI, EvilGnome is a recent malware sample that’s made a few headlines, and though we haven’t seen any examples of it actually popping up in the wild, we thought we’d answer the question anyway.

Because Linux!

As you probably know, Linux malware and hacked Linux systems are very common, for the simple reason that most of the servers that power today’s internet run Linux in some form.

If you’re a cybercrook who wants to spread your Windows malware widely – keyloggers, for example, or banking Trojans, or other network nasties that thieve people’s digital stuff so it can be sold on to the next crook on the cyberunderground…

…then you’re probably going to be relying on hacked or compromised Linux systems for the bulk of your malware distribution.

For that reason, Linux malware generally doesn’t look like Windows malware, and isn’t supposed to, either.

But EvilGnome, rare and unusual though it may be, gets its media-friendly name because it was clearly written to target the comparatively small but committed community who use Linux on their laptops.

from Naked Security – Sophos http://bit.ly/2OlKLnq